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Sue Ann Park Endowment Fund Campaign

Workshops are one of the best means the LTRI has to expand the reach of Lessac Kinesensics, both in the United States and internationally.  But workshop attendance is expensive, and we know 50% of participants need financial assistance in order to attend.  The Sue Ann Park Fund was established to help meet this need.

Over the past two years the LTRI has:

  • Received almost $12,000 through annual fund-raising appeals

  • Established accounts to hold endowment funds and those funds designated for annual use. Each account currently contains over $5000

  • Developed procedures for awarding financial assistance

  • Distributed $2465 in financial assistance to workshop participants

Your generous donation will allow someone else to take part in this joyous journey!

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Crystal Robbins
Master Teacher
Santa Monica College
UCLA Extension

“I am a recipient of tuition assistance. There is no way this new mommy could've attended a workshop at the time that I did.... Gift the future leaders of this work with the ability to attend the Intensive; there is no substitution for what the Intensive gives and it strengthens us all, when we are stronger individually. Jump in!”


Michael Cobb
Educational and Artistic Director, truepenny arts

"Having recently taken the big step of foregoing work in (and, likewise, the paycheck from) conservatory/academia... I'm even more grateful since having received a scholarship to attend the 2017 Intensive."


Aimee Blesing
Board Member, Membership Director, Certified Trainer

"I know from personal experience that every little bit helps, and you never know how life changing your contributions may be."