Renewing Your Lessac Certification

The Master Teacher Council was given the charge by Certified Trainers to establish a procedure for the purpose of sustaining the integrity of their certification status.  Therefore, it has been determined that those who wish to keep their certification in good standing be required to attend one refresher workshop every five years.  

Attending any of the established Institute workshops taught by a Master Teacher or a pre-conference workshop designated for this purpose may fulfill this. Trainers may also host a regional refresher workshop led by a Master Teacher. This policy went into effect in January 2015. The “clock” began January 2015 for all currently certified trainers.  Those certified 2015 and later will have five years of grace and then will need to refresh once every five years. 
The sessions are intended to provide:

  1. Recently evolved vocabulary and/or progressions of events of voice and bodywork.

  2. The refreshing experience of reviewing a voice or body training event with peers.

  3. Clarity of training procedures or concepts.

Workshops dedicated to sustaining certification will be announced periodically.  The Master Teacher Council will attempt to offer a yearly workshop for this purpose adjacent to the Lessac Institute Conference.

Sustaining Certification fees (effective January 1, 2018)

When a Lessac Certified Trainer enrolls in a Sustaining Certification Workshop, she/he must pay an Institute administrative fee of $50 if membership is paid in full or an institute administrative fee of $100 if payment of membership dues has lapsed. This is payable via PayPal on the website or by check payable to Lessac Institute. This workshop will most often be planned in conjunction with a regional or annual conference and payment of the conference fees will also be required.

If a Lessac Certified Trainer fulfills this requirement via an alternate event, he/she must pay the administrative fee ($50 or $100, as above) to the Lessac Institute (check or website PayPal).  These alternate events must be with a Master Teacher and the Master Teacher may charge a separate fee for their individual services.

Upon completion of the Sustaining Certification event, the participant receives a letter of verification from the Director of Certification.

To renew your Lessac certification at the 2020 International Conference, CLICK HERE