The LTRI recognizes 3 levels of training designations. Each level has its own set of standards and benchmarks.

1. Lessac Practitioner

A Lessac Practitioner has successfully completed a practical exam demonstrating self-mastery of the major events of Lessac Kinesensic Voice and Body Training.  This test is given by Lessac Master Teachers at Intensive workshops or Institute approved university programs and taken by students recommended by instructors for the exam.



2. Lessac CertifiED TRAINER

Lessac Certified Trainers have demonstrated mastery of teaching Kinesensic Voice and Body Training to others.   This mastery is determined through assessment by the Lessac Master Teacher Council of recorded teaching lessons and successful completion of a comprehensive written exam related to the concepts of Kinesensic Training.  One must be a Lessac Practitioner to apply for Candidacy for Certification.

 3. Lessac Master Teacher

 Lessac Master Teachers are members of the Master Teacher Council (MTC). The Master Teacher Council invites Certified Trainers with significant teaching experience to become a candidate for Master Teacher.  A Master Teacher has demonstrated to the MTC the fullest mastery of teaching Kinesensic Voice and Body Training and is capable of mentoring Certification Candidates. A Master Teacher is also someone who has contributed to the extension/advancement of Lessac Kinesensic Training.