LESSAC Kinesensic Voice and Body Training

Finding the unique and tension-free expression of yourself is what Kinesensics is all about.  

Building on ancient wisdom, backed by modern science, Kinesensics encourages you to use the simple but natural behaviors of your body, such as yawning or humming, as organic instructions towards improved physical and vocal expression and health. Each simple step builds on the previous one, creating a concrete pathway to success.  No matter what your line of work, Kinesensics can help you overcome obstacles and release stress and strain to be your authentic self.

Arthur Lessac

Arthur Lessac

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Mission Statement

The Lessac Training and Research Institute® is a world- wide organization devoted to the pursuit, growth, and evolution of Arthur Lessac’s Kinesensic Voice and Body Training. By providing workshops, training, and certification in Kinesensics, we promote, strengthen and disseminate our work to a diversified global landscape.